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Essie: rocky rose limited edition collection

A collection where it was love at first side for me… that was with the limited edition from essie: rocky rose. Think about 6 beautiful colors with pink, red, brown & orange shades. This amazing collection is inspired on the colors from the stunning desert landscape and the deepest ravines. This also sounds a bit like an adventures collection, doesn’t it? And that is this one for sure, because the 6 shades are unique, playful and adventures! These are the perfect summer colors that you also can wear during autumn. Or just whole the year! So are you in for an adventurous, nice or playful color on your nails? Then I’m sure that you will love this collection! So let’s have a look to the 6 colors that are available….

Cliff hanger

This color secretly does me desire to autumn! Because this is a cool nude/hazelnut brown color. You can wear this one for sure now but I personally think that this color will look stunning during autumn!

Rocky rose

I find this a very special color, it’s a warm terracotta color but then with a red undertone.

No shade here

I find this a bit a ‘strange’ color in this collection full with pink, brown, red & orange shades. But it’s a beautiful color! ‘No shade here’ is a bright pink summer color! It is just the perfect color to wearing during the summer!

Set in sandstone

This shade surprised me in a positive way! It’s a warm light orange shade that does me think about the color coral. Normally I don’t like colors like this… But like I said this one surprised me, because I felt in love with this lovely summery color!

Yes I canyon

This is a pretty warm red/orange color. It’s a bit an ‘upgrade’ from your classic red color, because this one also looks very stylish!

Into the a bliss

Save the best for last…Or better for me, because ‘into the a bliss’ is my personal favorite! This is such a beautiful old pink color with a cold undertone! It’s for sure the perfect color to wear whole the year with any occasion!


The names from these polishes are fantastic! Just as the colors, it are 6 stunning colors that suit this collection perfectly! But I still find ‘no shade here’ a bit strange in this collection, but it is a pretty color! But the most important thing about this is of course the quality…  And I can tell you that I’m enthusiastic about that! From all the shades I need 2 coats, they dry fast and are easy to apply! Without a top coat they looked perfect for 2 till 3 days. That is not that long, but I find this ok for testing these out without a top coat. Because with a top coat these will look longer perfectly. I’m fan from the whole rocky rose collection! But if I must choose a favorite color… Then is this of course ‘into the a bliss’ and ‘set in sandstone’. But I also find ‘yes I canyon’ & ‘no shade here’ amazing. Aaah, this question is more difficult than I thought, because essie just made a unique & beautiful collection!

The essie rocky rose collection is limited available and the price is €12,49 apiece.

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that