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Essence LE winter dreamin’ eyeshadow palette

I’m a huge fan from the most products from the budget brand essence. But if you ever would said to me that they would sell an eyeshadow palette for €7,99, I probably wouldn’t believe you. But in there new limited edition: winter dreamin’ there is an eyeshadow palette with that price. Ok, it’s for sure not much. But for a budget brand as essence I didn’t expect that. But despite that I was excited to try out this palette. Because this one looks extremely hard like the naked 3 palette from urban decay. I don’t have that palette in my collection. So unfortunately I can’t compare them. But sometimes I used this palette from my mother (thanks <3 ). So I can compare it a bit because I know how the quality and the pigmentation is. But comes this essence palette any near the naked one?

As you can see it looks a lot like the naked 3 palette. Essence thought better a good stolen one that self invented. But I’m not complaining because a budget proof version from the naked palette is for sure welcome. The essence one is €8 and a naked palette is around €50. So let’s hope that is one is a good dupe!

Just as with the naked palette this one contains a small eyeshadow brush. I have the naked palette brush and you can’t compare these two. Because the one from naked is much better. The one from essence is ok, but personally I prefer my own eyeshadow brushes.

How is the pigmentation?

Above you can see all the 12 colors from this palette. The lighter color is hard to see, but the pigmentation from the other once is good! And you can build up the intensity from all the colors. With this palette you can make a nude look but also a smokey eye. It is coming close to the naked palette. The only thing that is different is that the one from essence has a lot of fall out. But that is it! So yay for essence because I find this a good dupe from the naked palette. The palette from essence has a more warmer color that the one from naked. But it’s a pretty palette! And below you see a quick made nude eyelook. As you can see is the pigmentation very good!


Despite that this palette is a bit warmer and gives fall out is this a good dupe from the naked palette! Especially because this is a good budget proof version! I’m so happy that I bought this palette. Because the 12 colors do not disappoint me. This palette is perfect for an everyday makeup look and for a more party evening look. Yes, this is a new favorite from me!

Essence winter dreamin’ limited edition is till February in the stores and this palette is €7,99.

Lots of love xxx

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