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Essence LE: sunset dreamers

I think that essence wanna enjoy the summer a bit longer… Because recently I saw a new limited edition: sunset dreams. Yes, I’m also still dreaming of the beautiful sunsets from this summer, so this collection is perfect for this autumn. It’s a collection with much original and pretty products like a lip peeling, nail tattoos, and much more. And yes you read that correctly golden nail tattoos… From this collection I bought a nail polish with dream catch effect, the lip peeling and the nail tattoos. So time to show you these unique products…

Top coat: 03 dream catcher – €1,99

It’s been awhile since I bought a nail polish, but this one was just calling my name. Because of the dream catcher effect… This is namely a top coat with iridescent pigments. So depending on how the light falls the color from this top coat changes…

To show you the effect clearly I brought two layers from this top coat on a white and black base. With the white base you can see a magical unicorn effect, the top coat then looks pink, orange, white. With a black base the topcoat got intenser from color and you get a green and blue effect. As you can see is this a magical and beautiful topcoat!

Lip peeling: 01 desert crush – €1,99

This lip peeling comes in a cute and handy packing that you easy can take with you. The product itself smells a bit chemical but also a bit sweet. The lip peeling feels like a gloss when you bring it on. When you quiet rub with your finger on your lips or move your lips over each other you feel the sugar that is in this product. There is not much sugar in this lip peeling if you compare it with the once from kruidvat. But with this you can perfectly peel your lips on a soft way. The peeling taste a bit weird, so you best can remove it with a tissue. It’s easy to scrub your lips with this and I also have the feeling that it takes care of my lips. It also removes all the excess skin cells and it’s perfect for when it’s getting colder like now!

Nail & cuticle tattoos: 01 sunshine on my mind – €1,99

This are special tattoos for on your nails and nail cuticle. This is so cool, it all are amazing and beautiful golden ethnic tattoos. You bring these on exactly the same way as with normal paste tattoos. So it’s so easy and fast to do because these are so small. In this you find 2 sheets with all different tattoos. I’m fan of the beautiful patterns and also because it are golden tattoos. But to be honest I find these tattoos more ideal for during the festival season. Then I’m sure that this is so pretty to were!

I already tried one out and applying went fluid, and the tattoo stayed good on his place the whole day. So I’m keeping this onces for sure for the next festival season because I love them!

I find this an amazing collection for the last bit of an Indian summer! Except these 3 special products this collection also have other unique products like: marble lipstick, highlighter and a pretty eyeshadow palette and much more… I don’t know how long this collection is available. But I saw this collection in different stores and online.

Lots of love xxx

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