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Essence LE // step into magic wonderland

Step into magic wonderland… With this in mind I’m thinking about a big fairy tale castle and it’s snowing. The snow leaves the most beautiful white carpet that you will ever see… And the best part is that it isn’t cold in my magic wonderland… With this in mind I will review the new limited edition from essence. So let’s step into magic wonderland and let’s surprise you with essence and there magic makeup products!

Highlighter // 01 sprinkle fairy dust wherever you go €3,59

This highlighter got directly all my attention. It looked so special and pretty in the packing. I couldn’t try it out in the drugstore. So after taking pictures I immediately used this one! And on my skin is it even more pretty than in the packing!

This highlighter gives my skin a subtle soft glow. It has a cold undertone and I love that! But it’s for sure the perfect cold highlighter to play an ice queen during the winter! 😉

Eyebrow & lash top coat // 01 pink dreams are made of this €2,59

Who doesn’t want bright pink eyebrows or lashes? For me that was a dream that I had when I was a child. 😉 But when I saw this weird and special eyebrow top coat I needed it! Are you curious how I look with pink eyebrows?

As I said it is special… I have dark eyebrows and this product gave my eyebrows directly a dark pink color! And it says on well! Ok, this is indeed the perfect wonderland product! It’s for sure not something for everyday but despite that I think that I will try to create some special (festival) looks with this pink eyebrow topcoat! You also can use it for your lashes but then I didn’t saw the result that good. So if you always wanted to try pink eyebrows? This is you chance! Oh, and down below is a full face pic with my pink eyebrows! 😉

Pure glitter lipstick // 03 elfin whispers €2,59

To be honest I find the packing from this lipstick a bit cheap looking… Also the idea from this glitter lipstick looks a bit like the once from Rihanna here brand; fenty but then from the galaxy collection. Oh, and soon I will review these lipsticks. 😉 But is this one a good or bad look a like?

The pigmentation from this lipstick is for sure ok. It’s not wow but after a few layers you get the result you can see below. So I think that this product is more a top coat to make your lipstick more special. But you also can perfectly were it like this! It’s a special dark purple cold color with much and I mean much glitter in. The glitters are silver, dark pink and purple. But they feel a bit chunky. Do you remember when you where young and playing with child makeup. This lipstick feels a bit like those lipsticks… Ok, it looks special and all. But personally I don’t like the weird feeling from this lipstick on my lips. But maybe it’s indeed better as a top coat to make your lipstick special. So I will give it a second change!

And tada the full face pic. It’s a bit weird to see me with pink eyebrows, but I think that now I will fit perfect in essence wonderland! 😉

This collection brings for sure the wonderland feeling! The lipstick is not my favorite… But I love the highlighter, I’m going to use this everyday now! And the pink eyebrow top coat is not a product that I’m going to use right now. But when the festival season is back I know where I can find it!

You can find this “step into magic wonderland” collection till the end of this month (December) in the drugstore.

Lots of love xxx

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Disclaimer: de blogster achter heeft dyslexie. Ik doe mijn best om spellingsfouten te voorkomen. Als je er toch opmerkt alvast sorry hiervoor!