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Essence LE: prime & last daily diaries

Nowadays is long-lasting make-up a must. Long days, sporting,… And of course we want that our makeup looks flawless on every moment of the day. So when I saw this new trend edition from essence I immediately bought 4 products. The collection is named: ‘prime & last daily diaries’. It looked for me as the perfect every day collection! And essence thought about everything: primers, powder and more long-lasting products. So are you curious or these products also give me a flawless look that stays on his place the whole day? Then keep on reading, because I’m going to tell you all about the primer mist & gel, the powder and the fixing mist….

Hydrating primer mist – €2,99

I’m going to review the products in the order that I used them. 🙂 So first the primers, then the powder and at last the fixing mist. So the first product is the hydrating primer mist. It’s a soft mist that makes the skin wet, but it directly attracts into the skin. So the perfect preparation for make-up. But I wouldn’t say that this is a primer. It’s more a refreshing mist. But I’m fan from such a mists and I use it almost daily. Because I have the feeling that it takes extra care of my skin. I find this the perfect spray that gives you extra hydration and refreshing!

Illuminating primer gel – €3,99

You barely can see it on this photo, but the primer looks very pretty thanks to the different light reflecting pigments in this. It’s a quite good primer that is the perfect base for a flawless make-up look. Thanks to the reflecting pigments in this you get a pretty glow over your face. It’s not a ‘sweaty’ glow but more a healthy, stunning glow! The primer let my make-up stays perfect on his place for the whole day. So it’s the perfect primer for a flawless make-up look!

Jumbo fixing powder – €3,99

And a jumbo powder is this one for sure! I never ever have seen such a big powder! So I’m pretty sure that you can do a long time with it! It’s a big but handy packing for when you use this power at home. But to take it with you is this one too big. In the powder is a nice quote printed:  … may your day be flawless!

Of course is this mainly meant for this powder that must give you a “flawless” look. But does this one give you that look? Yes and no. The reason why I say no… Do you remember this review from 2016 from the essence all about matte powder ?In this article I tell you that that powder is good but not when you have a dry skin. I’m not 100% sure or this is the same powder. But my personal experience tells me that it is, only this one is bigger. So all with all is this a good powder but not when you have a dry skin type.

Mattifying fixing mist – €2,99

And to let our make-up look flawless we use a fixing mist. A fixing spray lays a protecting layer over your make-up and because of this your make-up will look mat and stays on his place for the whole day! I’m fan from the essence fixing mists, they work amazing and are budget proof. And I also like this fixing mist so much! It let my make-up looks much better and also mat for the whole day. So it is a perfect fixing mist!


All with all I’m pretty excited about this collection! All the products work amazing, they do what they promises and they are budget proof! So I only can recommend these! Only the jumbo power is not that good when you have a dry skin, but for the other skin types it works perfectly. Buuuut… If you ask me to choose one product from these 4 amazing onces… Then I would choose for the fixing spray, because this one is amazing! Of course I love all the 4 products, but I thought let’s make it hard for me and just choose one product…. 🙂

All the products from this trend edition from essence are vegan!

Lots of love xxx

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