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Essence LE: prime & last daily diaries

Nowadays is long-lasting make-up a must. Long days, sporting,… And of course we want that our makeup looks flawless on every moment of the day. So when I saw this new trend edition from essence I immediately bought 4 products. The collection is named: ‘prime & last daily diaries’. It looked for me as the perfect every day collection! And essence thought about everything: primers, powder and more long-lasting products. So are you curious or these products also give me a flawless look that stays on his place the whole day? Then keep on reading, because I’m going to tell you all about the primer mist & gel, the powder and the fixing mist….

Hydrating primer mist – €2,99

I’m going to review the products in the order that I used them. 🙂 So first the primers, then the powder and at last the fixing mist. So the first product is the hydrating primer mist. It’s a soft mist that makes the skin wet, but it directly attracts into the skin. So the perfect preparation for make-up. But I wouldn’t say that this is a primer. It’s more a refreshing mist. But I’m fan from such a mists and I use it almost daily. Because I have the feeling that it takes extra care of my skin. I find this the perfect spray that gives you extra hydration and refreshing!

Illuminating primer gel – €3,99

You barely can see it on this photo, but the primer looks very pretty thanks to the different light reflecting pigments in this. It’s a quite good primer that is the perfect base for a flawless make-up look. Thanks to the reflecting pigments in this you get a pretty glow over your face. It’s not a ‘sweaty’ glow but more a healthy, stunning glow! The primer let my make-up stays perfect on his place for the whole day. So it’s the perfect primer for a flawless make-up look!

Jumbo fixing powder – €3,99

And a jumbo powder is this one for sure! I never ever have seen such a big powder! So I’m pretty sure that you can do a long time with it! It’s a big but handy packing for when you use this power at home. But to take it with you is this one too big. In the powder is a nice quote printed:  … may your day be flawless!

Of course is this mainly meant for this powder that must give you a “flawless” look. But does this one give you that look? Yes and no. The reason why I say no… Do you remember this review from 2016 from the essence all about matte powder ?In this article I tell you that that powder is good but not when you have a dry skin. I’m not 100% sure or this is the same powder. But my personal experience tells me that it is, only this one is bigger. So all with all is this a good powder but not when you have a dry skin type.

Mattifying fixing mist – €2,99

And to let our make-up look flawless we use a fixing mist. A fixing spray lays a protecting layer over your make-up and because of this your make-up will look mat and stays on his place for the whole day! I’m fan from the essence fixing mists, they work amazing and are budget proof. And I also like this fixing mist so much! It let my make-up looks much better and also mat for the whole day. So it is a perfect fixing mist!


All with all I’m pretty excited about this collection! All the products work amazing, they do what they promises and they are budget proof! So I only can recommend these! Only the jumbo power is not that good when you have a dry skin, but for the other skin types it works perfectly. Buuuut… If you ask me to choose one product from these 4 amazing onces… Then I would choose for the fixing spray, because this one is amazing! Of course I love all the 4 products, but I thought let’s make it hard for me and just choose one product…. 🙂

All the products from this trend edition from essence are vegan!

Lots of love xxx

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  • Evelien

    Oeh die Illuminating primer gel ga ik zéker kopen, love een glowy look! Erg fijne producten en super dat ze ook allemaal vegan zijn 🙂 ♥

  • Nicole

    Wat fijn dat de producten je zo goed bevallen zeg. Ik moet zeggen dat ik al lang niks meer heb geprobeerd van Essence. De spray klinkt echt goed, maar de primer spreekt me ook wel echt aan. Hij ziet eruit alsof hij wel een fijne textuur heeft.

  • Jessica J.

    ‘Illuminating’ hoef ik echt niet te doen, dat doet m’n vette T-zone wel voor me. 😛 Dat Jumbo Fixing Powder lijkt me wel fijn. Ik wissel momenteel af tussen All About Matt! van Essence (heb ik meestal op zak) en Nude Illusion van Catrice.

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