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Essence LE: into the snow glow

Some time ago essence brought two limited editions on the market for the month January: the prime & last daily diaries & the into the snow glow line. But till recent I never saw the into the snow glow collection… But a few days ago I finally saw this beautiful collection. This collection is all about glitters and sparkling. And I just love glitters. So of course I bought some products to try out… I bought the beautiful looking sparkly lip topper, the glitter peel off mask and the glitter scrub!

Sparkly lip topper – €2,39

This sparkly lip topper has a special but handy applicator. The gloss is transparent with small and more chunky holographic glitters. It’s so magical to see the glitter chance in the light. You can use this like this or as a top coat over your lip color. It’s easy to bring on and it looks pretty… Buuut… This lip topper really feels uncomfortable on the lips! You really feel all the glitters. And I don’t like the feeling off that, and it’s also hard to remover the glitters from your lips.

This is a cool lip topper for a festival, party,… But I don’t think that I will use this again because it really feels uncomfortable.

Sugar face scrub – €2,99

This light purple glitter scrub looks amazing. But that is everything… Ok, the scrub makes my skin softer. But, yes there is a big but. I barely get the glitters off my skin. And it’s not that the glitters look subtle you can clearly see them… And you don’t get them easy off your skin… So no, I’m not going to recommend this scrub!

Glitter peel-off mask – €2,99

The glitter peel-off mask looks just as the scrub cool. It’s a transparent mask with little silver glitters. The peel-off mask needs according to essence 15 till 20 min to dry. When I applied this mask on my skin it directly felt uncomfortable, it felt burning. After a few minutes this luckily stopped. After 20min it was time to peel this mask off… But this didn’t go as planned. At some spots it was dry but at other it wouldn’t dry… So meh, this mask is not that good…


Meeh, essence this is truly a disappointment for me! This could be such a beautiful and magical collection… But unfortunatelythis collection is a real horror story… It’s hard to get the glitter from the scrub of your skin, the peel off mask is not fantastic… And the lip topper is magical but it feels uncomfortable on the lips… So no, I don’t like this into the snow glow collection at all…

Lots of love xxx

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