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Artistry studio: shanghai edition review

Artistry studio was until recently an unknown brand for me… But luckily I recently got to know this brand. And I already can tell you that it surprised me in a good way! So in this article, I’m going to tell you more about some beautiful products from the amazing Shanghai collection.

First of all, I wanna take a moment for the lovely packaging of this collection! Because look how cute they are! The packaging really suit this collection perfectly!

Eau de toilette rollerball – €24,80

I’m going to start with the eau de toilette rollerball. This is a perfume or better an eau de toilette in a roll flagon. It’s handy to apply your perfume and it’s also handy to take with you. This perfume comes in 3 different fragrances. And… There is something special about this fragrance…. That is that you can combine this fragrance together. So with these 3 different rollerball perfumes, you can create a specific fragrance depending on your mood. I really love this concept! Because this way you get a more unique smell. So time to tell you which fragrance you can combine together.

Lotus blossom & violet: is a very fresh flowery smell, you can combine it with nectar & pomelo for an extra dose of ‘girl power’. Then you get a combination of a fresh flowery smell with a fruity touch.

Nectar blossom & pomelo: you can combine this fruity smell with plum blossom & vanilla musk. Personally is this my favorite combination, because then it’s a lovely seductive scent.

Plum blossom & vanilla musk: is also a fresh flowery smell. For a more seductive scent, you can combine it with the lotus blossom hand cream.

I really love this rolling system, it works fantastic! And like I said before it this so handy for on the go! The scent is present almost whole the day. So I’m a fan! Especially from the fact that you can combine these together! I find that so unique! So depending on your mood you can combine them and make your own, unique scent, love it! I use this perfume separately, but I also love combining them.

Soft and silky eye & cheek – pop trio – €35,01

The next one I’m going to talk about is the soft and silky eye & cheek pop trio. This is also a product that surprised me in a good way! Because I almost use this one every time when I’m doing my make-up. This is a combination of blush with two nude colors of eyeshadow. This palette works very handy and is magnetic. And a little detail… Inside you also find a mirror, and that is always handy! Good to know: this product is paraben-free and contains nourishing ingredients like green tea extract and ginseng.

The texture from the blush and eyeshadow is very special. It feels like a combination of cream and powder, but when you apply it’s a powder. You can apply this product with a brush but also with your fingers. The eyeshadow and blush are a perfect color match, they fit perfectly together. The blush is a pretty, soft peach coral color. The eyeshadows are light beige and a darker warm beige color.

As you can see gives this palette you the perfect everyday nude look, I love it! The blush also looks very good and gives a pretty, healthy glow. Yeees, I’m a fan! This palette works fantastic, the colors are perfect and the pigmentation is so good!

Soft as silk hand cream – 3x 30g – €26,25

The hand cream comes in a handy packing that is perfect to take with you. In the packing, you find 3 different hand creams: vanilla, lotus blossom & pomelo. The main ingredients are: pomegranate extract, glycerine, ginseng, and green tea extract. This must take care of hydration and protect your skin.

The scents from the hand cream are inspired by the scent from the eau de toilette. Only the smell is a bit more subtle.

Lotus blossom: I really love the scent! It’s a lovely, fresh flowery smell.

Pomelo: this is a warmer but still a fresh and a bit fruity smell.

Vanilla: I don’t think that this one needs a lot of explaining, because it’s a warm subtle vanilla scent.

The hand cream has a lovely structure. It feels very pleasant and it almost directly absorbs into the skin. After using the hand cream I have the feeling this cream lays a protection film around my hands. And during the day it feels very good. I have the vanilla hand cream always with me and this one is perfect to protect my hands during the cold. So yes, also these hand creams work fantastic! My hands feel so good and soft afterward.


Wow, I didn’t know that artistry studio is such an amazing brand. I’m so happy that I got the chance to get to know the brand because the products are amazing! I use the hand cream & perfumes almost daily. And when I wear make-up I also mostly use the eyeshadow/blush palette. Yes, I’m very happy with these products and I can’t wait to try more products from this brand!