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Elsève rapid restore intense conditioner

If you follow me for a longer time then you know that my hair is mainly dry and unmanageable. Finding the right products for my hair is difficult because I love to have my natural curl in it. So a weakly hair mask is very needy to give my hair a treatment. But I don’t always find time for this… Mostly I take a shower in the morning and then it have to go quick and I don’t have time for a hair mask. In the morning does every minute counts for me… Because I just snooze to long… 😉 But I don’t think that I’m the only person that finds there minutes precious…. Because elseve has a new hair product line on the market; rapid restore. I think that the name speaks for itself, so are you curious what I find from these rapid restore products?

Rapid restore?

The rapid restore line is a line with 4 intense nourishing conditioner that don’t need any absorption time. And the best from all these are 2 times more repairing & nourishing then a regular conditioner. So these conditioner are easy & mainly quick in use! You must apply this conditioner on your washed wet hair and then you can directly rise it off without any absorption time. So you can safe some minutse for sure! So lets quick have a look to the 4 conditioner that are available.

Extraordinary oil

Dry hair

First of all we have for course a conditioner for dry hair. This one contains amino-acid & jojoba oil.

Total repair

Damaged hair

Is your hair more damaged from the sun, hair cruller, or… Then is this conditioner more something for you! This one contains vitamin E & amino-acid. And this one will let your hair will look amazing, strong and healthy again!


Colored hair

They also thought about colored hair to protect your color. This conditioner contains amino-acid & vitamin E.

Dream long

Long damaged hair

We already had a conditioner for damaged hair. But the combination damaged and long hair is also possible. Luckily they covered everything to also let this hair type look healthy and good again! This conditioner contains amino-acid & castor oil.


They thought about many different hair types. So I’m pretty sure that one from these conditioners will let your hair look flawless! I’m so happy with how these conditioner work! They work quick and so good! You just bring it on and you directly can wash it off. Amazing isn’t it?! I find this amazing because you can spare for sure some minutes with these conditioners. I wash my hair 2x times a week. And I switch with the conditioner for colored hair and the one for long damaged hair. And I really love how these take care of my hair! My hair looks strong, healthy and pretty! It also feels so soft. It even looks so good that I doesn’t need to put any oils or serum in my hair. Love it! So I can recommend these conditioner for sure!

Price: all the conditioner have a price from €4,99 for 180ml.

Lots of love xxx

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