Elegant touch: false nails

A few years ago I had for a longer time gel nails. I found this so handy because my nails looked stunning all the time. But I still love it, because you always have good looking nails with a nice color on it. But of course there are other option then gel nails… Like nail polish, this is good for a few days. But sometime I want something more special…. And false nails are perfect for that! I was for a long time a huge fan from the false nails from primark, but now not any more… But because I love special false nails I tried out some more expensive ones from elegant touch…

In the packing you find 24 nails in 12 different sizes and glue.

How to use?

1) Prep: gently push back your cuticles with the cuticle pusher, file the natural nail surface careful and clean your nails with nail polish remover.

2) Sizes: all the nails have numbers on the underside of the nail, so this makes it easy to find the right side. I always try and see witch nail fits the best and then I lay them before me in the right order.

3) Glue: time to glue your nails. Apply a thin layer over the entire natural nail and be sure that it don’t touch your skin.

4) Angle: you best hold the fake nail at the tip and position it at a 45 degree angle over your natural nail. Gently push the base of the false nail under your cuticle.

5) Press: and then it’s time to slowly press the false nail down and hold it tight up to 15 seconds until the glue has bonded.

The filing from your nail surface is important because this ensures that the glue with attach better. And cleaning your nails is to get ride of all the natural oil. But be sure that your nails are dry before applying the glue. A little tip… apply some glue onto the back of the false nail too, for added longevity.

Here I’m wearing the in the glow nails. These are so beautiful! But I found them too long. So I made them a bit shorter and I still find them so beautiful when they are shorter!

Now that you know how to apply false nails it’s also important that you know how to remove them.


You got a quick way and one that ask more time. The quick way is with the soak ’em off sachets from elegant touch. And otherwise you need a nail file, nail polish remover, cotton wool, cuticle pusher & aluminum foil squares. Prep: roughly file the top of the false nail. Soak: soak the cotton pad in nail polish remover and place this on the nail. Place 1 foil square on top of this and wrap this around your nail. Do this for all your nails and wait 20 minutes. After 20 minutes your can have a look and see of the false nail has dissolved. If this is the case you can gently remove any residue with your cuticle pusher. If it wasn’t dissolved? No worries just put the foil back on your nail and wait or relax a bit longer. Once all the nails are removed wash your hands. And give your cuticles some extra care with an oil.


Elegant touch has such a cool and trendy looking false nails! Think about special colors but also holographic, a cool print,… They thought about everyone, they also have different nail shapes like stiletto nails, coffin and much more. But you can also easy make the nails a bit shorter. I always cut them and when I have them on the length I want I file them in the shape it want. The nails feel very thin and look and feel very natural. It’s so easy to bring these false nails on. But I only found that with the glue from the packing the nails quickly loose. But if I use my own glue I easy could wear these nails for a week till 10 days.

Price: the nails from elegant touch cost around €9,99 till €10,99.

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that