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Ecooking: moisturizing serum

In the”Energize” goodiebox from February, I found this moisturizing serum from ecooking. It was a smaller packing from the serum. But that is just the thing I love about goodiebox because that way you can try this product and find out our it is something for you or not. My skin lately is drier so this moisturizing boost came perfectly. I tested this serum extensive and I even emptied this one. So time to tell you what my thoughts are about this serum!

This serum must give your skin a moisture boost. The moisture in our skin disappears as we get older. This serum is full with moisturizing ingredients. You may use this daily on clean skin under your day and or night cream. This serum is also vegan and fragrance-free.

What are my thoughts about this serum?

The serum is very liquid, it feels refreshing and airy. This serum is indeed fragrance-free and gets directly absorbs into the skin. I really love the packing from this serum, it also looks luxurious. It’s for sure a nice serum that feels good. But I wouldn’t say that this is a moisturizing serum. Because this serum made my skin drier instead of giving it hydration. But except that I found this a good serum! So it didn’t give my skin enough hydration but it made my skin smoother. It just made my skin look better and more bright.

I used this serum in the morning, 1 pump was enough for my face. And I could use the 10ml for 2 till 3 weeks.


All with all is this a good serum that makes my skin smoother. But despite that this must give the skin a moisture boost I noticed it made my skin drier than normal. Also, I found that this serum was quickly empty. Of course I just had the smaller bottle from this out of my goodiebox. But if I calculate then with the full-size packing from 20ml, I can use it 4 till 5 weeks. And if I take a look at the price and what this does for my skin… Then I wouldn’t buy it again. And if your skin is dry, I wouldn’t recommend this serum, because it made my skin much drier. But if you have another skin type, then you can always try out this serum.

Price: ecooking moisturizing serum cost €53,30 from 20 ml.

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.