Dry hands? This is what you can do

Now that I’m washing my hands more and more and sometimes use a disinfectant hand gel, I noticed one thing… And that is that my hands are much dryer than before. My hands have never been this dry, sometimes it was so worse that I had wounds on my hands… So I needed to create a routine for my hands to get them less dry. We are now more than 1-month further and I can tell you that my tips worked for me! So if you also have dry till very dry hands, then I’ve got some tips for you to get your hands back to normal! So say bye-bye dry hands and hello to the normal soft hands.

What are dry hands?

But what exactly are dry hands? I think the name speaks for itself. But if you wash your hands too much you can make tiny wounds. Also, your hands will feel very rough and painful. Sometimes also red and sometimes your skin can also get cracks. This is painful, so be sure to keep on reading if you wanna take good care of your dry hands.

Soap or disinfectant hand gel

Let’s start with the beginning namely washing your hands. Of course, it’s better to wash your hands with soap instead of using disinfectant hand gel. But in some situations, you only can use disinfectant hand gel, and you mainly decide yourself what you wanna use. Sometimes I use disinfectant hand gel but most of the time I try to wash my hands. I use a mild soap, and you can also use a soap where an extra caring product is added to. And wash your hands always with cold or lukewarm water, because hot water dries out the skin even more.

Dry your hands

Paper is better to minimalist the spread of the virus. But when I’m home I mainly use a soft towel. Be sure to dry your hands the right way, on a soft dabbing way instead of rubbing.

Hand cream

It doesn’t matter what kind of cream you use as long as it is a good nourishing cream. My personal favorite at the moment is the hemp hand cream from the body shop. This is an intensive hydrating cream that also protects your hands. But vaseline or another thick cream will also do the job.


Don’t forget to also take care of your cuticles and give them some extra attention. You can do this with a special cuticle oil or you just can give them some extra attention when you use your hand cream.


Scrubbing your hands often removes the dead skin cells. Do this occasionally, but if you have sensitive hands I wouldn’t do this that often! But don’t forget to use a rich cream to treat your hands after this scrubbing session.


You also can buy special masks for your hands but you can also make it yourself. Bring on a good layer cream on your hands then wrap a plastic foil around your hands and let this stay on for around 30 min till 1h.

Hand massage

On youtube you find a lot of videos about how you can give yourself a hand massage. Use a good oil and relax. A hand massage gives a good blood circulation.

At night

Be sure to place a hand cream on your nightstand, then you can give your hands some extra care before you’re going to sleep. If you notice that your hands are very dry then you can always bring on a thick layer cream on your hands, do one some special gloves, and let this work whole the night.

Dishes & cleaning products

The last tip… Cleaning products are very aggressive for the skin. So you best can wear special gloves for doing the dishes and cleaning.

These wear all the tips that helped me to get my hand back to normal. I hope these tips will also work for you!

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.


  • Vanessa

    Goede tips! Hier ook droge handen van al dat handen wassen. Ik smeer mijn handen iedere dag in met een handcrème. Daarnaast gebruik ik af en toe een handmasker om mijn handen extra te voeden.

  • Maaike

    Handige tips. Ik heb altijd snel last van droge handen. Soms smeer ik mijn handen dan in met een body butter, vooral voor het slapen gaan is dat heel fijn 🙂

  • Amy

    Dankjewel voor de handige tips! Ik heb zelf ook altijd zoveel last van droge handen, zeker nu we zoveel extra moeten wassen en ontsmetten.

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