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Dr botanicals: moroccan rose nourishing hand cream

To be honest, is this a hand cream that I wouldn’t buy that quickly. Because it has a high price and you mostly don’t know or this product is worth the price. But the good thing about goodiebox is that you find a lot of products inside that you else wise wouldn’t buy. And in my case is that with this hand cream. When I found this one in the goodiebox last month I was curious to try this one out. Because the packing looks cheerful, and a hand cream that costs ā‚¬30. Yeah, my expectation were high!

In this hand cream you find ingredients like camille, aloe-vera extract and rose water. This must give your hands the right protection and hydration. Sound like a perfect hand cream to treat your hands with. I really love the packing from this product, it’s so cheerful and handy! It let me look forward to spring!

The hand cream itself has a pleasant airy structure that directly gets absorbs in your skin.

Either you love the smell or you hate it. I love it, it does me think about incense sticks. After you used this hand cream it has a strong smell, but after some time you can still subtly smell it in the distance. As I said has this one a very pleasant structure that absorbs quickly into the skin. It also makes my hands so soft and let them feel good. But for me personally is this more a hand cream I would use during spring/summer. Because now that it’s so cold, this hand cream doesn’t give enough protection and hydration. This is very logical because during winter our hands have much to endure. But if I take a look at the high price from this, I think that a little more hydration was welcome. But if you don’t have (very) dry hands during the winter, then is this one perfect for you.


I have mixed feeling about this hand cream. On one side this one feels good, it gets absorbs into the skin quickly and it makes my skin soft. But for now, it just doesn’t give enough hydration. And for a hand cream from ā‚¬30 I just expect more. But I’m going to use this one with much pleasure during spring/summer. But I’m not going to buy this one again.

But if you find ā‚¬30 a good price for hand cream? And you don’t have dry hands during the winter? Yes, then you will find this hand cream good, especially if you also love the moroccan rose smell! šŸ˜‰

Price: Morrocan rose nourishing hand cream from Dr botanicals cost ā‚¬30 for 50ml.

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