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Dove: nourishing secrets

I already wrote about the nourishing secrets line from dove but then about the shampoo & conditioner. I used these two with much pleasure. But this time I’m not going to talk about a shampoo or conditioner, but I going to tell you more about skincare products. I will tell you more about the glowing body lotion and the restoring body wash from the nourishing secrets line. This are both special products… So keep on reading if you wanna know why…

Glowing body lotion €6,49

This body lotion is with lotus bloom extract and rice milk, it’s a beauty product inspired on the beautiful skin from woman in Japan. The rice milk in the body lotion contains a lot of vitamins and hydrates the skin good. Lotus bloom has a caring and calming working. The body lotion smell so good, it’s a soft bloom scents! The body lotion is just perfect, because it has a very light structure that get good and quick absorbs into the skin. It makes my skin so soft and hydrates it also good! It’s a good and lovely body lotion from structure and smell!

Restoring body wash €3,59

This body wash with coconut oil, turmeric and almond milk is inspired by the smooth and caring skin from the Indian woman. Coconut oil and almond milk are both good for the dry skin and turmeric has a cleaning working.

This body wash is so special, because it has a brown color. I never saw a body wash with such a color, so I find this special! And it just scents amazing, I can smell the coconut very good but not too much and I also smell the almond milk subtle. But the scent from this doesn’t stick very long, but the coconut smell is so good to wash you with during the summer! It’s a lovely body wash that cleans the skin good.

The body wash & lotion are amazing products to enjoy ‘the summer’ a bit longer! I’m happy with both products and they have an amazing smell! Dove is available in the drugstore.

Lots of love xxx

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