Dove exfoliating body scrub

A body scrub that smells so sweet that you directly think about candy… Yes, that is a scrub that I need to try! And then I’m talking about the dove exfoliating body scrub. This scrub is available in 3 different scents and I choose the lovely pomegranate seeds & shea butter scent. They say shea butter scent, but luckily this isn’t true. Because uh, I find shea butter a predominant smell. But the packing says shea butter because this scrub contains this hydrating ingredient.

So luckily it doesn’t smell like shea butter because this is a more heavenly good sweet smell. The smell does me think about candy, and I love to scrub my skin with such a candy scrub.

I use this scrub as follows: I take a bit and I rub this in circle motion on my wet skin. And I rinse it off the same way. I find this the best way to scrub whole my skin and to treat myself with a little relaxing massage. So a win-win situation. 🙂 The scrub has a mild/soft structure so if you want you can use it 2 times a week. It feels a bit like a sugar scrub but it isn’t one. It’s just a lovely scrub that let whole your shower smells like candy.


I really love this way to sweet candy scents scrub! It’s a mild scrub that works perfectly and makes my skin soft. It also doesn’t leave a greasy film on the skin. So yes this dove body scrub is for sure a nice adding to the dove assortment! For sure because you don’t need much product to give whole your body a scrub session. But there is one negative thing about it… Yes, that is the price…. €9 for a scrub is not that budget proof…

The dove exfoliating body scrub pomegranate & shea butter cost €8,99 for 225ml.

Lots of love xxx

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