DIY // hot chocolate on a stick

Ok, I’m not any longer as up to date with my Christmas countdown articles. But I will post them but not as planed, so not any longer only on Monday! 😉 So the most article are cool and easy diy’s that are perfect for with Christmas but also just to survive the winter! This diy is perfect for with Christmas but also the cheer up the winter period! Because who doesn’t love a good hot chocolate?! So this time we are going to make hot chocolate on a stick. Or in this case better on a wooden spoon but I found on a stick sounds much better for the title! 😉

What do you need?

– Spoons (you can use wooden spoons or just regular once)

– Chocolate you prefer

– Decoration items you want (think about mini-marshmallows, candy canes,…)

– Aluminum paper (or something else to let the spoons dry on)

How to make your hot chocolate on a stick?

– Melt the chocolate au bain marie.

– Add the melted chocolate into the spoons. Do this above an aluminum paper to save time cleaning up afterwards. 😉

– At last you can add the decoration items and let the chocolate become hard again.

That is it! I used mini marshmallows, candy canes and sugar snow flakes as decoration items! And I really love how the candy canes looks! And now you can enjoy your hot chocolate while you let the chocolate stick melt in a hot cup soy or normal milk.

These spoons are so cute to give as a little gift or with the dessert at Christmas! 😉 This is just the perfect winter treatment! It looks so cute and I find it handy to make hot chocolate like this!

Lots of love xxx

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