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DIY // fringed jeans with embroidery

Poeef, too many to do and too less time… I went a short trip to Budapest, a lot of work to do and then of course school… So my Christmas article will come online later this week. For now I have a cool and easy diy! Maybe you heard of the fringed jeans trend and the embroidery trend. What if you combined these two in one DIY? That’s a win-win situation. Of course you can do this DIY only for the fringe jeans or for a jeans with embroidery. You can do what ever you want! But I just love the combination of both trends! I wore this jeans with special occasions like tomorrowland! (as you can see above 😉 ) But it’s also perfect to wear it on regular moments! I love how this jeans looks it’s easy to combined classic or as special as you want! This is an easy diy but you need patience… A lot of patience! But the result is for sure worth it! 😉

What do you need?

– a (old) pair of jeans

– a pair of scissors

– tweezers

– embroidery you like (to stitch on or to iron on)

How to make the fringe jeans?

You start with cutting the end of your jeans. Then think about the length you want for the fringes. I wanted something between short and long. 😉 Then you cut some stripes. They don’t have to be that perfect because if the length is a bit different it makes the jeans looks a bit more playful. But that’s up to you. Now comes the part where you need a lot of patience for… So you need to pick one of the strips out and start pulling out the horizontal strips. You will see a lot of strips just falling out. So place something under the jeans because a lot of these white things will fall out! That’s it! You can make the fringes as long, short or as playful as you self want! Good luck with this job! But you will love the result! 🙂

How to make a fringe jeans with embroidery

So now you know how you can make the fringes, so the last part is the embroidery. Chose how you wanna place it. My embroidery was to iron on. But it didn’t stay on that well. So the best way is to stick it on. I did it by hand and I found this the easiest and best way to do that.

So left before and right after… Which one do you prefer? I for sure the right one! I just love the fringes and the embroidery look! I’m so happy with the result! It’s as I said an easy diy but you need lots and lots of patience.

Lots of love xxx

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