This was 2019

Like always I’m also sharing my this was… article this year! Yes, I’m a bit late with this… Buuuut I promise this will be the last article about 2019! 😉 2019, was a year felt with highs and lows…. Because as example I lost my job and I toke a bad decision… But 2019 ended with a nice surprise! I’m not going to tell you much more because you can read everything in this article!


Presenting & audition escape room

The month January is mostly not that special… But I had to present some live broadcasts and I also did an audition for an escape room.


Events: miracles, lil’o, presenting, shoot for a commercial, good evaluation & disneyland

I had the chance to go to two nice events, I also presented some live broadcasts. And I also had a small role in a commercial! In February I also got a good evaluation about my job (presenting). And… I went for the very first time to Disneyland! Yaaay!


Presenting, medialaan, event elvea, shooting short movie

I had a small role in a short movie, I played a psychologist. I also received my first packed from l’oreal and to be more specific from garnier! I’m still a huge fan from the face oil and cleansing gel!


Presenting, facts, events matuvu + yves rocher


Presenting the last live broadcast, events leo, lola & liza, picture pop-up & shootings for ‘rodeneuzenspot’ & ‘spa’.

Yes, this was a weird and hard month for me… Because I presented my last live broadcast. In Belgium, they made a change in the law and because of that casino programma where done… I still find this so unfortunate and I miss it. But in May I also went to some cool and nice events!


Greece, events yves rocher, nakd, magnum dinner, spiderman & veggie bbq

Woow, June was a month filled with events! And of course our trip to Greece. Because I lost my job unexpected my boyfriend and I decided to book a last-minute trip to Kos, Greece. This is a beautiful island and for sure a perfect Holiday destination!


Tomorrowland , shootings short movie + event vintense ice

July was a fantastic month thanks to…. Tomorrowland! Yeees, I was so happy that I could be their because I had an amazing time!


I made a huge mistake & daith piercing

I will try to tell you this in short. But when I lost my job I looked out for another adventure. And I could start in a beauty store. When I signed my contract the first day, they told me I couldn’t post free on my social media any longer. I only could post about products that they sell… So of course I wasn’t ok with that… And luckily I got some things arranged and the first day was also my last one. And expect that I also did something that I wanted for a long time now… A daith piercing!


Back to school & brooklyn urban catwalk

Back to school! Also for me because I started with English lesson. And I also got the chance to walk on a catwalk event. But for sure I underestimated that…. (read this as more than 7 km on new high heels…)


Acting class, events miracles & cote d’or + dog

The biggest change came in life the end of October, totally unexpected! And that was this sweet little girl! She was neglected, but look at her now! See had a heavy skin condition, two big tumors and never knew love and walking. But now she’s doing so good!


Repetitions kerstmagie + press days

I brought a visited the press days, I think it was almost 1 year and half ago. And In November the repetitions for ‘kerstmagie’ also started, this was an interactive Christmas show.

This is our sweet girl a few days after here operation where they removed the big tumors.


Theater kerstmagie, events: cats, charlies angels + Sri lanka

In December I played elf ‘Merlientje’ at least 80 times! It was heavy but so much fun, especially when there were kids!

2019 was such a weird year… I lost my job… But now I have very unexpected a dog! And I’m so happy with her!

I hope that 2019 was an amazing year for you and then 2020 only will be better!

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.