Davines: minu shampoo & conditioner

Colored hair needs extra hydration and protection. Because we of course want that our colored hair looks beautiful for a long time. And depending from your hair color it can be a challenge… I have red hair and sometime this is difficult to keep this color beautiful. So of course I try a lot of different shampoos and conditioner to find the perfect one…. And by chance I had a mini shampoo and conditioner from davines and I saw that a lot of influencers where very enthusiast about these products. So my expectation were high when I started to use these shampoo and conditioner for colored hair…

Minu shampoo: 75ml is €8,50 – 250ml is €18,50

This shampoo must protect and hydrates your hair and give it a beautiful shine. I have the mini packing, but it’s a handy, basic flagon. It is also a handy packing to get all the last bits out of it. But the best thing… is the smell… Yes, the shampoo just smells soooo good! It’s a real treatment, I just love the smell from it! So I’m very enthusiast about the smell but how does this shampoo works? It works fantastic! It’s a lovely, mild shampoo that cleanses my hair perfectly and also foams good. The shampoo also takes care of my hair and makes it so soft!

Minu conditioner: 75ml is €8,50 – 250ml is €20,90

After the shampoo I always use the matching conditioner. Personally I also love the packing from this one! It’s also handy to get al the last bits out of the packing. But I think that not everybody will find this packing as handy as me, I can understand that it isn’t that handy under the douche… But luckily the conditioner just has the same amazing smell as the shampoo! You must apply the conditioner on towel dry hair and let it do his work for 5 till 10 minutes. The conditioner has a thick structure and feels very heavy but is easy to apply! But to be honest I don’t time my minutes under the douche. So I think that most of the time I let the conditioner on my hair for 2 till 3 minutes… And after that my hair feels so soft! It also looks much better and has a pretty shine! Yes, just as the shampoo works this conditioner fantastic!


I understand fully why influencers are so enthusiastic about these hair products from davines! They smell sooo good and work fantastic! These are for sure the perfect products for colored hair! Because davines is a ‘hair dressers brand’ the products are a bit more pricey… But if you wanna tried these out, then you can always first try the mini’s and when your convinced you can buy the full size packings. But I’m very happy or better my hair is very happy with these products!

Davines is available online and at ‘davines’ hair dressers.

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.


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