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Dadi’Oil: how good is it?

If you have gel- or acrylic nails then you maybe heard of dadi’oil before? Because a lot of beauticians find this a miracle product. If you don’t know what it is, dadi’oil is a nurturing oil for your nails, cuticles and to take care of your skin. It must do amazing things for your skin! This is dadi’oil in short because you can use it for so much more. So, of course, I’m going to tell you everything about this!


It’s a caring nail and skin oil. You find ingredients like avocado, jojoba and olive oil in this. It must protect, hydrates and softens. Dadi’oil is also full of natural vitamin E, this is a powerful anti-oxidant. Dadi’oil must quickly get absorbs into your skin and must improve flexibility and the firmness from your nails.

A lot of beauticians recommend this oil to take good care of your cuticles when you have gel- or acrylic nails. But except for your nails you can also use this with dry skin, lips or under your eyes after you removed your make-up.

What are my thoughts:

I mainly use dadi’oil on my nails and cuticles and sometimes for dry spots. I use it like this: I bring a bit of the oil on my cuticles and then I massage this into my cuticles and also on my nail. It’s indeed an oil that quickly gets absorbs without feeling greasy. This one is perfect to quickly give your cuticles some extra care. If you are curious what dadi’oil can do, just google it, because I saw a lot of amazing results. For me is this one perfect to take care of my dry cuticles. Since I’m using this oil I noticed much difference. My nails are much stronger and healthier. I can keep my nails on a pretty good length without them breaking of. So yes, I’m using dadi’oil daily, because I’m very happy with the results! I only can recommend this oil if you want good looking, healthy nails. It’s also a miracle product for when you stop with gel- or acrylic nails to take good care of them!

Where available:

Dadi’oil is available at different beautician but also online. I always order it in the UK (ebay). But I don’t think that in the future this will be an easy thing. But I have a packing from 14,3 ml and this is good for a year. So dadi’oil is an economical product. At this moment I just emptied my second bottle from this, so I indeed can tell you that this is a miracle product!

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.