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Cougar: intense aftercare keratin hair mask

Some time ago I found an interesting product in my goodiebox… Namely the cougar: intense aftercare keratin hair mask. This mask directly got my attention because of the high price… namely €40. And that €40 is the target price according to goodiebox, because when I was searching this hair mask I found it cheaper online. But later more about that. 😉 First, it’s time for my review.

This hair mask must be the ‘lifesaver’ for dry hair and splits ends. The packing said you can directly rise it out, but goodiebox says you must apply it on towel dry hair and let it work for 5 till 10 min. So what the mask says and what goodiebox says is different… So I choose to use it as some kind of conditioner. I applied it on towel dry hair and let it says on for 2 till 3 min. The texture from this was the first weeks normal and creamy. But after 2 weeks the texture and smell started to change and it became more watery. I found this very strange because the texture almost felt like water. It was very watery and the smell… Yes, that smell became stronger and stronger. I really didn’t like that smell, even when my hair was dry it still smelled bad… It was just like the hair mask became bad after 2 weeks and 3 times using it. I never had such a weird experience like this before. Now, I’m going to share the results with you what this mask did for my hair…

Left: I used the hair mask / right: didn’t use it

So left, is when I used the hair mask. And right is when I didn’t use it and just washed my hair with my regular shampoo & conditioner. See the difference? My normal hair routine without the hair mask is much better…. As you can see makes the hair mask my hair sooo dry. My hair not only looks dryer but also feels so bad.


I just find this hair mask a weird product. First of all the structure and smell chance so quickly. And this mask just makes my hair (I have normal/dry hair) so dry. My hair just felt and looked so bad. So this mask makes my hair so dry… I’m not going to recommend this product just because it got bad very quickly.

Like said before this hair mask is just weird. But now it will become even weirder… Because goodiebox says that it costs €40. Buuuuut I saw this hair mask on different sites for less than €10, €15,… Personally, I find this still too much for this hair mask. So I’m not going to use and buy this one again…

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.

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