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Coolest rituals collection ever: the ritual of holi

I never thought that I would say this, because you can buy so much… Buuut this new ‘the ritual of holi’ collection from rituals is one of the coolest collection ever! When I say pictures and reviews from this collection it made me love this collection even more! But because I was on a no buy, I didn’t buy any products… But my praying have been answered and my mum said that she had a little present for me. And yes, she gave me two awesome products from the ritual of holi line. In this collection there are two scents: White Lily & Peach Blossom and Flamingo Flower & Pink Grapefruit. By chance I have two products with the same smell: Flamingo Flower & Pink Grapefruit. This is a sweet, a bit spicy but also sultry scents. I love the smell from it, especially because it has a bit a flower undertone…

Holi Moley Foaming Shower Gel

Rituals is known for their lovely foaming shower gels. And also this one is lovely! The smell is so good and after your shower you will still smell it a bit, so good! But personally I find that this shower gel foams a lot less than their other shower gels. And with this I mean normally with the shower gels some lovely foam will directly appear, but with this one this is not the case. You first get a gel and when you rub it a bit it will foam a little. But not so much as their regular onces… But it doesn’t matter because it is still a lovely gel that feels so good to wash you with. This shower gel feels so good, and it smells heavenly!

Jellylicious Wobbling Shower Jelly

I already used the shower jellys but then from lush. Such a jelly is a typical item from you love it or you hate it. And I love it, because it gives you another shower sensation. You can use the jelly like this or you can cut pieces out of it. When your skin is a bit wet the jelly will foam a bit, not much but just enough. But when I use this jelly I notice that it doesn’t foams that much and after your shower you don’t smell the scent from this any longer… But despite that I really love this, because it’s something else then the other shower products. It works fine, and it makes your shower a bit more fun! And I think that thanks to the color, smell and structure, children and teenagers will love this jelly!

I’m so excited about this awesome and original line from rituals. These two products are not the most special from this collection because you also have a confetti scrub, flower douche foam, crackling body mousse,… But these are both good products, that will give you an amazing shower experience. Oh, another cool think the prices from the products are lower than normal for rituals. So this collection is very affordable! Yes!


Shower Flower Foam 200ml – €7,50

Shower Jelly 100ml – €6,50

Lots of love xxx

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