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Coco & eve like a virgin hair mask

You maybe know the coco & eve like a virgin hair mask from on instagram? Because their was a time that you almost didn’t see anything else then this hair mask. And the results where phenomenal, but I wasn’t sure or this was thanks to the hair mask or maybe it was just an instagram filter? I didn’t know but I was very curious to try out this hair mask… And I wasn’t the only one because my mother also saw the hype from this hair mask on instagram. So she bought this mask for herself and me. So of course I was so excited to try out and see the results from this mask. So are you curious what I find from this mask? Then keep on reading!

When you buy the hair masker it’s always in a set with a ‘free’ tangle teezer from coco & eve. The brush that comes with the hair mask is much smaller than a ‘real’ tangle teezer. But it’s a good hair brush, but I don’t use this one to brush my hair I call it my hair mask brush. Because I always use it when I applied my hair mask to brush it trough my hair. But you can perfectly use this also as a normal brush! 😉

But enough about the brush… Because of course you wanna know everything about this hair mask! This hair mask promise to make your hair extremely soft, and it must give your hair the boots it needs and make it look flawless! The hair mask is free from parabens, but it contains good ingredients like coconut and fig. The mask self smells subtle after fresh coconut but it also smells a bit fruity and more sweet. I find the smell very pleasant and tropical! You must use this mask at least one time a week and you let it stay for 10 minutes. Or if you wanna give your hair a real boost? Then you can apply this mask before you are going to sleep and let it work the whole night.

I tested out the mask both ways, but I personally prefer to let this mask does his work the whole night. Then it really gives my dry hair the boost it needs! So I bring it on my dry hair before I’m going to sleep and of course I brush the mask through my hair with the brush. And when I wash it off in the morning my hair really feels extremely soft! It also feels very light  and it let my natural curls looks pretty. So of course I made a before and after photo to show you… 🙂

Left is before I used this hair mask and right is after I used this mask.

As you can see does my hair looks much better on the right photo. It looks much healthier and less dry. And something that you can’t see but that I can feel… That is that my hair feels so soft! So this hair mask from coco & eve really works amazing! It does what it promises and it also smells good and tropical! So I really get the hype from this mask! Buuut… is this hair mask worth to buy it? Yes and no… Yes because it works fantastic and it let my hair feels and look healthy again. But no because of the price and that you can’t only buy the hair mask. Because if I look on the site I only see that you can buy the hair mask with the brush with it? So just as the price I find it unfortunate that you can’t just only buy the mask… Because I’m pretty sure that there are other hair masks that work also amazing, are cheaper and easier to buy…

But if you wanna try this mask yourself and experience the hype? Then you can order this on the site from coco & eve. And the price from the mask is €39,90.

Lots of love xxx

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