Citytrip Budapest

A citytrip to Budapest is becoming more popular and popular. And I know for sure why. Budapest is a city that can give you everything from relaxing time till a great adventure till a cocktail night. Budapest is not quite a popular destination till now. But I’m sure that, that will come. And therefor is a citytrip to Budapest also a budget proof destination to go to! This makes Budapest perfect to visited now because now it’s not an overrun. So you can take your time to make photos and just look at everything because Budapest has a lot of beautiful to offer you! Especially relaxing thermal baths, unique building and of course the Danube with beautiful bridges build over it. And now I’m going to tell you a bit more to understand Budapest much better. Budapest is being split by the Danube in two side namely Buda and pest. Both sides are different and have each there pretty charms! This city even impressed me so much that I wanna go back for a second time to discover even more. So let’s dream away together with my Budapest photos.

Just woow! Budapest is a gem from a city! And because Budapest has so much to offer you, I’m also going to write an article with the must do’s and with some tips. Before I also wrote an article about my staying in Budapest in an air bnb complex. But now you can see and admire all the beautiful thing that Budapest has to offer you. The best part is that Budapest is a cheaper city for a citytrip, if you compare it with others. Because you self decide how cheap or expensive you wanna go. But one thing is for sure and that is that Budapest is a city to put on your to travel list!

Lots of love xxx

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