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Catrice: peel off glam glitter nail polish

A girl can never have too much glitter, right? That is my motto, because I love everything that sparkles. And something that is perfect to wear everyday and sparkles is… glitter nail polish! And now that I don’t have gelnails anymore I can buy nail polish again. And the first nail polish I bought is of course glitters polish! And this is not regular glitter polish. Because we all know the problems to get this off. But with these from catrice this will not happen. Because it is peel off glitter nail polish. This is so handy to give you a quick glitter manicure and you can remove it any time you want, without any problems. But how good are these? And can you really peel them off that easy?

I bought two special colors a silver one 02 nail more, worry less and a golden one 03 when in doubt, just add glitter.

02 nail more, worry less

This is a silver nail polish with a holographic glitter in. It’s a mix from little glitters with some bigger once. The holographic glitters are beautiful and in daylight they get all the colors from the rainbow. It’s a special but beautiful polish!

03 when in doubt, just add glitter

This is not 100% a golden glitter. Because except the golden glitter you also find dark gray/silver glitters in this. It’s a special combination, but I like it! Because it looks so pretty and special! This polish really give your nails that special look/effect.

Both polishes have an amazing quality and they dry fast. With 1 coat you don’t get a real glitter bom, then it’s more a polish to use as a topcoat over another color. When you only wanna have the glitter color for the ultimate glitter party you need around 3 coat. But no worries, because like I said the polish dry fast! And what else you can do is to bring the polish on with a sponge instead of with the brush. Both colors are beautiful and special, they look amazing and they will let your nails shine! But now the special thing about these… The peel off…

I already tried a peel off nail polish before, but this was more a base coat from essence. But a glitter peel off is something I never saw before. Especially because a glitter polish mostly is used as a top coat over another color. But I really love the idea from peel off, because removing glitter polish in not my favorite thing to do. And luckily are these polishes the perfect solution, because you can peel off the glitter really easy! It doesn’t damaged my nails that much, and the glitter polish just comes off really easy! So yes it works amazing! But it’s also a bit a negative thing… Because you can’t keep the glitter manicure that long. I think max 2 days, it’s more a nail polish to use for special occasions. I really love these polishes, they are a good add the assortment from catrice.

These polishes cost €3,59 en contains 11ml. The glitter peel off glam nail polish is available in 8 different colors.

Lots of love xxx

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