Budget Monday: fabric shaver

We all love budget items, so from now on I will post more often on Monday a budget article. This can be about fashion, beauty, lifestyle or about much more…. So let’s start with my first budget Monday article. And my first article is a special one, because it’s about something that will help you to enjoy your clothing longer! We all know the struggling when our favorite sweater, shirt or… starts to fluff, and of course you don’t wanna trough away your favorite items! And we all know some tip and trick to get raid of the fluff but these onces don’t work that good… So that’s why I recently bought a fabric shaver.

What is it?

It a shaver for your clothing, and with this device you can easy and quick remove pills from clothing.

How to use?

The device has two positions, 0 is off and 1 is on. It’s that simple! And with positions movements you can remover all the fluff from the clothing!

Does it really works that good?

Yesss, it works amazing! Above you can see on the left side how the sweater looks before and right is after. Incredible isn’t it! This photo says enough about how amazing this ‘shaver’ is! Oh, and a funny story: when I told my boyfriend that I bought this, he was just laughing with me… And when I showed him his sweater his was right away sold and he wanted a second shaver for all his clothing. 😉


My first budget Monday is directly a good one with this amazing device! I’m so happy that I bought this, because this is a real lifesaver for my clothing! I used this shaver almost weekly to get raid of the fluff on a favorite sweater, shirt, pants,… And to give an example to do a whole sweater, so the back and front, hood and the sleeves I had a little 10 min works…. And after that the sweater looked as good as new! Amazing isn’t it!?

I bought this philips fabric shaver in the store kruidvat for €7,99. But you can also order it online.

Lots of love xxx

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  • Vanessa

    Wat een handig apparaat zeg! Het verschil is echt groot. De trui ziet er zo goed als nieuw uit. Ik ben alvast benieuwd naar je volgende budget artikelen, leuk idee!

    • MissPrettiness

      Dankjewel! Wat leuk dat je deze artikelen een goed ideee vind!
      En dit zorgt er inderdaad voor dat je kleding er zo goed al nieuw gaat uitzien!

  • Laura

    Wauw ik wist niet eens dat dit bestond. heel handig, mijn kledij pluist inderdaad ook altijd heel erg snel. Bij mijn volgende bezoekje aan kruidvat zoek ik hier zeker naar.

    • MissPrettiness

      Ja ik wist dat hiervoor ook niet. Daarom dat ik dit deel want het is echt een top apparaatje! 🙂

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