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Biocyte: terracotta cocktail

The weather is getting better and better and it’s important to still use a good SPF . And because (hopefully) the weather will only get better, this looked like the perfect moment to write this article. Because I’m going to tell you everything about 2 supplements that are perfect for this period. One supplement is perfect to make your skin ready for the sun and the other one is when you want a brown tan whole the year.

Terracotta cocktail – solaire – €21 for 30 tablets

You must take this supplement 1x a day, 1 month before, during, and after sun exposure. It contains melanin out of black olives and copper. Copper must help for a normal pigmentation from the skin and must protect the cells against oxidative stress. This supplement must give you a pretty brown tan, prepare your skin for the sun, and also protect your skin. That it protects your skin doesn’t mean that you don’t need to use a good SPF product, always protect your skin with a good SPF product!

Normally you must take this 1 month before, during, and after sun exposure, so 3 months. I ‘only’ used it for 1 month but right before during and after my trip to Greece from some time ago. That looked like the perfect moment for me to try this out. Or this helped to get me a more tanned look? I don’t know, because normally for me it’s hard to get a tan. But this supplement is easy to take and I noticed some differences. Thanks to this supplement I could handle the sun much better without burning. But if you use this supplement it’s still important that you still use SPF! But this is for sure an amazing supplement for this summer! When I’m going to buy this again, I’m going to buy the cure for 3 months.

Terracotta cocktail – self-taner – €20 for 30 capsules

You must also take this supplement 1x a day and also for 3 months. It’s the perfect supplement if you want a pretty brown tan the whole year even without the sun. The supplement is an innovative complex from pigments and plants and also contains vitamin D.

These supplements are perfect to take during the winter because then there is almost no sun. And that is also what I did 1 month long. Just as the other supplements are these easy to take with some water by a meal. As I said before I barley get a tan, but I noticed that in the winter I looked less pale. So yes, also this supplement worked fantastic even during the winter!


I didn’t expect that both supplements would work, so I’m very happy that they did work! Depending on your needs: a pretty tan whole the year or preparing your skin for the sun one of these supplements will work for you. I’m going to buy the solaire for sure again to prepare my skin for the summer!

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.