Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream

I’ve got some awesome news for the vegans or when you have a lactose intolerance. Because there are finally two flavors from vegan ice cream in Belgium! The 2 delicious non-dairy flavors are made with almonds. Sounds good! And I tried out the vegan ice cream….

Ben & Jerry’s has for now 2 vegan flavors in Belgium both on basis from almond milk. You got the chocolate fudge brownie this is a brownie ice cream that contains little pieces of vegan brownie. You also have chunky monkey, this a banana ice cream with chocolatey chunks & walnuts. Always when I brought a visited to the supermarket the brownie one was always sold out. But luckily I could try the chunky monkey!

The taste…

Personally I find the structure from the vegan ice much softer and creamer. But I was a little afraid from the banana ice because the most of the time taste this to chemical… But this ice is just to good, the banana ice cream taste perfect and here and there you got a delicious bit from the chocolatey chunks & walnuts. This ice cream just taste amazing, I even find the taste of this much better than from the original version. So hell yes, I’m hooked with this ice cream! From now on it’s for me only vegan Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! So I hope that soon there will come more flavors and that I can try the brownie one! 😉

The new non dairy ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s is available in the Albert Heijn & carrefour for €6,99.

Lots of love xxx

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