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Babor: ReVersive pro youth serum

Babor was a brand that I knew but never tried. I know this brand because a lot of beauticians use it. But till recently I never tried a babor product before. But when I went to the press days in November I had a nice conversation with someone from babor and I got a product to test out at home. Namely their pro youth serum.


This is an innovative skincare line from babor that must protect the skin against signs of skin aging. The products from this line must keep your cell longer young and directly make your skin more smooth and of course, it must work anti-wrinkle. So with other words, your skin must look more smooth, youthful and tighter.

The packing from this is very luxurious and handy because of the pump system. What also makes this serum hygienic in use. I always need 1,5 pumps from the serum. I would describe the smell from this as the typical smell from products from beauticians. But I like it. The serum is easy to apply, feels good and makes my skin a bit softer. But to be honest I don’t notice much difference that this serum gives to my skin. My skin maybe looked a bit smoother. But the difference was minimal. So, unfortunately, this serum doesn’t do much for my skin.


Before I tell you my final conclusion I wanna tell you something. On the site from babor, I read that this product is perfect for women between 30 and 59 years and that you must use it in the morning and evening. I don’t fit the age category and I only use it in the morning. So, of course, it’s possible that if you are old and use it 2 times a day that this serum will work better for your skin.

But for me personally, I don’t think the results were that impressive. Especially for the high price! And I also noticed that despite I only use this serum in the morning, the packing was quickly empty. I just hoped that this serum with such a high price would do more for my skin. So for me personally was this serum, not a holy grail product.

Price: the Reversive pro youth serum from Babor cost €119 for 30ml.

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.