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Action festival glitter colors

Some time ago I saw that the action sold awesome glittergel, and these just looked perfect for a party or festival. Because those glittersgels where for in your hair and for on your body. Buuut the action where I always go to… Yeesss, just a few days ago they just started with selling these cool glitter gels. Ok, the festival season is almost over, but there are still a few festivals left and maybe for a party? So I thought it still would be interesting to share this review with you! Because these are so cool and budget proof! So time to tell you more about these festival colors, because I bought them in all the possible colors they had!

In one packing you find 2 glitter gels with a brush to bring the glitter on, just perfect! They sell the glitter gels in three different colors namely; pink, cyan and purple. With each color you always find the same silver glitter.

The quality from the brush is so good! Thanks to the synthetic hairs you can easy bring the glitter on your hair, body or face!

The silver one that you find in every set is a mix from little holographic glitters, with some bigger once and moon and star glitters.

The purple one is a nice combination from silver with purple glitter and blue stars.

The cyan is a combination from little glitters with some more chunky onces and here and there you find a heart glitter.

The pink is just a regular nice little pink glitter.

The quality from these glittergels is surprising good! If you bring these on the skin dabbing with the brush than, the gel will stay on his place and you will sparkle! The glitters really give a magic effect to your look! You love it or you hate it… And I love it for sure! The glittergels are easy to bring on the skin and they stay on there place. I’m a bit sad that I didn’t have these glitters earlier because these would be amazing for tomorrowland… But like I said before the festival season is still not over or maybe you can buy them already for next year. Or for a cool (glitter) party! I’m happy that I bought these in all the colors, because they are just awesome and I will use them often!

These action festival colors cost per set so 2 glittergels and a brush only €1,89. That is a small price to sparkle the whole day and/or night!

Lots of love xxx

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