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Essence LE glow like…

Last week I was in the beauty shop because I needed nail glue… But I didn’t only bought nail glue, because the newest trend edition from essence had finally arrived! And the newest limited edition is ‘glow’. And from this collection I wished I could buy everything, but I told myself that I only could buy 4 products. So I directly knew which ones I was going to take with me. Namely a brush, a holographic powder and two liquid highlighters. Are you curious or you can get a pretty glow with these products?

Multi-use liquid highlighter / €2,99

I have the liquid highlighter in both colors. A gold one and a pink color. You can use this as a highlighter or you can mix it with your daycream or foundation. As a highlighter are these both very subtle but pretty! But I bought these especially to mix with my foundation… But when I mix the pink one it isn’t a pretty result… But when I mix the gold one with my foundation, it gives the perfect result and a beautiful, subtle glow! I really love that! These liquid highlighters are nice, but the pink one I only will just as a highlighter and the gold one is perfect to mix with my foundation for that pretty and perfect glow!

Highlighter and strobing brush / €2,89

I was looking for the perfect highlighter brush for a while now. And this one looked like the perfect highlighter brush! And I was right, with this brush you can easy bring on highlighter how subtle or intense as you love. The brush is also soft and it feels so good! It’s also perfect for strobing but personally I love to use it for highlighter! This brush is for sure a good item in this collection!

Holographic loose powder / €3,59

I saved the best for last, namely this beautiful holographic loose powder! And, just woow this powder is so pretty! I didn’t expect it, but this powder is indeed holographic! I use it as a highlighter and in each light the highlighter shimmers on another different beautiful way, from a pretty cold glow till a pretty pink one! Also I find that a powder works very good and precisely! This powder is for sure worth it! I even wanna buy a second one as a backup!

As you can see is this highlighter holographic and so beautiful!

With this collection from essence you will have for sure a pretty glow! The brush and holographic powder are for sure my favorite! This is a nice and good collection, so I’m curious how essence will beat this good collection with there next onces!

Lots of love xxx

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