7x amazing beauty trends for 2018

Trends are hard to predict… But in this article I will show you 7 things that I’m pretty sure about that these are going to be so hot in 2018! These are 7 nice trends, and I’m so exited to try some of them out! So if you wanna prepare yourself for this year and if you wanna know what’s going to be hot? Then you must continue reading to discover these cool trends!

Warm hair colors

Forget all the cold hair colors because 2018 is all about the warm hair colors! This is something different that all the gray and the cold tones! From now on its chestnut brown, golden blonde, chocolate,… how warmer the tone how better! Even highlights and darker ends are possible with these warm tones! Personally I love how this looks and I’m doubt to color my hair in a warmer tone! 😉


Holographic make-up products just looks so magical! So I get why this trend is so hot! Because not only the product looks pretty but also on the skin is this amazing to shiny in all the rainbow colors! So this year you will a lot of holographic nail polish, highlighters, eye shadows and even lip products!

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Overnight hair rituals

Forget all about a quick hair mask before you’re going to take a shower. Because now it is the trend to do this the night before. So that you can wash your hair the morning after with shampoo and conditioner. Your hair will love this treatment! So for now on I’m also going to try this overnight hair ritual!


I love the smell of coconut, so hell to the yes for this trend! So for now on you will find a lot of products with a lovely cocos smell! And cocos is also good for skin and hair so I can’t wait to try all the cocos products!

Glitter all the way (especially eye shadow)

Glitter eye shadow is always a good idea! Especially when you see how many pretty glitter eye shadow palettes you can buy! I can daydream about all those prettinesses! So if you wanna be trendy in 2018 just must use for sure glitter eye shadow! Because you can never wear too much glitter. 😉

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Glossy lips

Forget the classic mat lips because glossy lips are back, baby! Yas, because some mat colors dried out the lips… But that is in the past because now are the healthy glossy lips back! And if you wanna combined two trends in 1 that you can use a holographic gloss. 😉

Derma roller

Something that is on my wishlist is a derma roller! I see this a lot right now! A derma roller contains a lot of tiny needle and you can buy this in with different sized needles. The needles make tiny holes in skin and because of this the production of collagen is being stimulated. The needles are safe and don’t cause damage to the skin. And I’m so curious what a derma roller will do for mine skin!

You will see these 7 beauty trends a lot this year! And I love them all! Especially the derma roller and the pretty glitter eye shadow palette!

Which trend do you find the coolest for this year?

Lots of love xxx

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