Top 7 articles from 2019

I know that I’m a little late with this… But I don’t think that I already said it on my blog… But of course I wanna wish you an amazing 2020! That all your dreams and wishes may come true this year! I hope that this will be your year! And of course I wanna thank you so much to follow me last year and also this year again! Thank you! <3

Because I didn’t have much time because of the hectic Holidays some articles about 2019 will come online with some delay. But I wanna start with the 7 most read articles from last year on It was a bit a neck on neck race but this are the 7 most read articles from 2019! And I take 7 because maybe a bit superstition but they always say lucky number 7! 😉 So time to show you the most read articles from 2019 in random order.

Essence mascara: I need a miracle

I understand why this one is so popular, because finding a good (budget) mascara is not that easy… But if you are looking for a good budget mascara that gives length then is this something for you!

Action: charcoal toothpaste for white teeth

Beautiful (white) teeth is something I find important. And I’m for sure not the only one because this article about the action charcoal toothpaste for white teeth was well visited! To be honest I never bought this one again… It makes my teeth look less yellow (be sure to check my article for before and after pics), but afterwards my mouth didn’t feel that fresh….

Too faced lip injection extreme

I’m not surprised that lip injection extreme is on this list. Because beautiful, full lips is a trend. And maybe you also want this but like me you don’t want lip fillers? Yes, this is this product something for you! I even emptied this one! It irritates the lips, you feel a bit a tingling/burn, but because it irritates the lips it will make them bigger. So yes, this product definitely works but you have to keep in mind: no pain, no gain.

The body shop: face mist

These face mists don’t only look cute but they also work fantastic! Each face mist has another working and you can use them like this or as ‘setting spray’ over your make-up. I still use the mandarin spray, and I love it so much, I really give my skin a boost!

Action: my skin facial sheet mask panda & kitty

Aaah, these nice budget proof sheet masker for action are also on this list! These are perfect for a funny sleepover party or a me-time moment. My favorite was the panda because this one smelt so good and had a refreshing effect. But if you have a girls night on the planning then are these sheet mask a must for some extra fun and you also give you skin some extra attention, win-win situation! 😉

Yves Rocher: repair shampoo, conditioner & hair oil

These hair products don’t contain silicone, parabens and colorant. It’s the perfect set for very dry or frizzy hair. But also for curly hair are these products amazing it you wish healthy, soft and smooth looking hair.

The body shop: vitamin C glow boosting microdermabrasion

Yees, this ‘scrub’ from the body shop is not a normal scrub it’s namely a glow boosting microdermabrasion, it feels much different then a regular scrub. But this one works fan-tas-tic. I need to buy this one for sure again! Because it’s not only an amazing product but it’s also economical in use! This is my ultimate favorite scrub ever!

If you have any requests for a review, you can also let me know! 🙂

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.