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3 Indian summer outfits

Luckily we get a lovely Indian summer with the sun that is showing his self sometimes. And I love that! Because this way my tick sweaters and jackets can stay stored for a bit longer. So I thought it would be nice if I show you 3 Indian summer looks I was wearing recently. It are 3 nice and special looks from a cool brand! So time to show you what I wore lately…

This look is for sure my favorite from all the 3! The skirt and blouse fit perfectly on each other, but they are also nice to wear separately. The white look with bows and golden nobs are just fantastic details.

This is more an everyday, chill look. It’s an easy but also decent blouse. But thanks to the silver in it, it gives it something special.

The last look that I will show you is with another pretty blouse. I really love wide sleeves and on this blouse it just looks so elegant!

All the looks are from the brand: kaygfashionbrands (awhile ago I walked on the catwalk for this brand 😉 ). I find this a cool brand that sells such a unique and pretty clothing. If you want more information than be sure to check out there webshop or you can mail to

(I could borrow this clothing to make photos with)

Lots of love xxx

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