What I got for NYE

I hope you had a wonderful start of the new year! I’m wishing you the best and that all your dreams or goals for 2016 may come true! In this article I’m going to show you what I got for New Year’s eve! It’s a lot but we don’t give presents with Christmas. I’m so happy with it all! This post is not to make anybody jealous! It’s just to show what I got because I also love to see this from other bloggers! And feel free to tell me or show me all what you got!

I got this lovely set from Nuxe Paris from my mother! In the set there is a candle, two oils for the skin and an anti-stress moisturizing cream. The smell of these products are way to good!

This year it was my grandfather turn to buy a present for me. It’s a game that we play every year. Before New Year we must choose a paper. On that paper stands the name of the person that we have to buy a secret gift under €25 for. And the most of the time it’s a surprise. This year it was hard for me to keep it a secret… Because I had my boyfriend. But luckily he was very surprise when I gave him his gift. ;)

I’m so happy with this “feel so good” gift set from the body shop in the smell strawberry! And let that just be my favorite! The bath bombs where a gift from my sweet brother. I’m so curious to use those!

To be honest I’m more fan of the sweet perfumes and be delicious of DKNY is a fresh perfume. But luckily I like this smell! It’s different from what I usually use. But sometimes something different is good. ;)

These two beautiful pieces of jewelry are the last items! The rose gold bracelet from Swarovski was a gift of my sweet boyfriend! And since I have it I’m wearing it every day. The necklace is also in rose gold. It’s subtitle and perfect for every day!

So this was all what I got. But now I’m very curious what you got. Feel free to tell or show it to me!

Enjoy your day!

Lots of love xxx

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