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Outfit: black and blue with a retro twist

Hey guys! Yes finally I’m back on track! And this time with an outfit post. When I was in Ghent for acting in a short movie I asked my boyfriend to make some outfit photos. And sooner said that done he made some picture. So today I can show you my outfit!


The blouse that I’m wearing there is a story behind it… A couple months ago I went on a shopping trip with my mother in law. And she said we definitely need to go to think twice. So when we were in the shop she gave me this beautiful blouse and she said it would look so pretty on you… And damn she was so right! I totally felt in love for this vintage item! Maybe if you’re interested I can write an article about this vintage shop? Sometime they really have good sale. Especially when the new collection is coming. Than they sell the wholl “old” collection. The first week everything is 5 euros and this till the last day then is everything 1 euro. So if it’s your lucky day you can do some amazing sales!



Blouse: Think twice

Pants: Olay

Ring: Yves Saint Laurent

Bracelette: Destellos by Swarovski

Shoes: Lidl (yes that supermarket)

Sunglasses: Ray-ban

Lots of love xxx