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Lost in the graffiti streets…

Hello lovelies!

I hope you enjoyed your week-end! Today I have another outfit post and soon they’re coming some beauty articles online! Because on missprettiness it’s all over the things I love.. And of course that is traveling, fashion and beauty! And sometimes you can also find a personal article. But now it’s all about getting lost in the graffiti streets of Antwerp.

The reason that I was in Antwerp is really simple. My boyfriend and I we’re missing the tomorrowland feeling so hard… So we decided to bring a visit to the tomorrowland boutique! And just ‘wow’ that store is soooooooo awesome! Directly I was back in tomorrowland spirit. And I’m already countdown till next year… Yes I know now it’s looks so far away… But I definitely wanna go back next year because tml is just in one word awesome!

Tomorrowland it’s all over fairy tails, colors,… So this outfit is a bit inspired by tml. The purple pants are special and showy. So I combined it with a fluffy hat and a bling bling purse. But to be honest… I was also wearing another purse because this one is just to small. But everything for looking good I guess?

I’m wearing…

Hat: Veritas

Top: Appel’s

Cardigan : Juicy couture

Purse: Bijou Brigitte

Pants: Pieces

Shoes: Steve Madden

Ring: Six

Nail polish: Flormar

Lots of love xxx

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