Let’s start the madness…

Whaaaa guys today is the day! Tomorrowland ticket sale starts at 17h! So let’s start the madness to get a ticket… Last week i’ve tried with the Belgium sale but unfortunately it was all sold out… So today I’m trying again because to only good think about being from Belgium is of course Tomorrowland! So let’s hope that I can get my hands on it! In this article I’m going to show you a short impression of last year “the kingdom of melodia.” And I hope that you also can get a ticket for the wonderful festival!

My boyfriend and I had a full madness pass with dreamville. And just wow, dreamville is so awesome! This is definitely worth it!

Happiness and true love. <3

The coconut original drink from alpro is delicious. To be honest I’m still in love with this drink and when I see it in the shop… Than the most of the time I’m buying it!

This is the panorama view for tml, pretty impressive I think!

Behind this tomorrowland tattoo there’s a story… I had to wait almost 1(!)hour before it was my turn. Just because some people tough they were more then me… So they don’t wait for when it was they turn…

If you got the change to try frozen yogurt then you must definitely try this combination! It’s the normal frozen yogurt with strawberry’s, raspberry’s and cuberdons topping! It’s so good!

On dreamville before the stage that was used for the gathering.

Even from dreamville you can enjoy the spectacle firework.

From the Brussels wheel you get a magical view above tml!

Tml, you where awesome! Let’s hope that we meet again this summer!

Here you can see a short impression of last year!

And what about you? Are you going this year?

Lots of love xxx

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