Hotel Arcanus in Side, Turkey

Earlier I published my first outfit post from my vacation to Turkey! And now it’s time to tell you more about the hotel where my boyfriend and I stayed. This is Arcanus in Side. But whoaaa this hotel is so impressive! I never been before in a hotel that was so big! There was a pool inside and outside, a wellness, fitness,…  And the buffet… I never saw so much food before in my life! Seriously for me it’s hard to find food because I’m vegetarian. But here I’ve got enough choose…

The hotel

We stayed in hotel Arcanus when it was winter in Turkey. Winter there means that it’s very quite in the hotel. This was absolutely so nice because you didn’t have to wait for the buffet. Also it was very relaxed because it wasn’t that busy. But except that the sun is very pleasant and the temperature was around 20°C.

Even in the winter is Turkey so beautiful!

Because we went in the winter the beach wasn’t always ready for chilling. But some days when there where activity’s on the beach then there stand some beach sits.

Like it said this hotel is huge. This is the back of the hotel. I wish I could go back. 😉

Everyday we also got new soap, shampoo etc. And the smell of the soap was sooooooo good!  

We had a big balcony with a beautiful view!  <3

Unfortunately it was to cold to swim in the pool outside. But we tried the pool inside where it’s warmer. 😉

The food

We had an all inclusive so that means breakfast, lunch and dinner. And they always surprise me with the big buffet! I’m vegetarian so like it said it’s hard to find food… But I had enough choice. So I was very happy because who doesn’t love good food. 😉

The last day it was so good from temperature that we decided to eat outside! Oooh, we had such a good time!

When you’re in Turkey you definitely must try the honey sweet Turkish desserts!

Like you can see and read is hotel Arcanus in Side one of the best hotels I ever been! I only can say positive things about this hotel! Good food, good hygienic rooms, enough to do,…

There is just one negative thing! And that is when we where on a day trip, they won’t give use a food bag. And in the hotel rules stood that you can get one. But unfortunately they didn’t want to give us one.

But except that is Arcanus hotel definitely worth it! 

Enjoy your day!

Lots of love xxx

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